Sport Australia Enterprise Agreement

6.1.3 If an agreement is reached, an application must be filed with the Commission. 28.5.6 A worker who wishes to adopt a child shall be entitled to leave without pay in order to participate in mandatory interviews or examinations required as part of the adoption procedure. The worker and the employer should agree on the duration of unpaid leave. In the absence of an agreement, the worker is entitled to a maximum of two days of unpaid leave. Where the worker has paid leave, the employer may require the worker to take such leave instead. 17.2.3 (b) Coaches at this level will have demonstrated the ability to design and implement a high-performance sport program that effectively uses sport science and sports medicine services. They are perfectly familiar with the latest developments in international sport and are able to do innovative and original work according to global standards for their sport. They contribute directly to policy and require an understanding of the broader political and strategic context. In addition to the technical coaching role, a Grade 3 coach may have a few planning and management tasks for programs. 14.6 The rates of pay for this award include the arbitral adjustment of the safety net to be paid in accordance with the May 2004 Safety Net Review Decision [PR002004] and the June 2005 “Backstop Review – Wages” decision [PR002005].

Such arbitration adjustment of the safety net may be deducted from a corresponding amount from the rates of pay received by workers whose wages and conditions of employment are governed by this arbitral award and who exceed the rates of pay prescribed by the arbitral award. These bonuses include salaries to be paid in accordance with certified agreements, ongoing company flexibility agreements, Australian company agreements, allocation changes for the implementation of company agreements and supplement agreements. Absorption contrary to a contractual agreement is not necessary. 17.2.4 (c) The selection and development of coaches is a great responsibility. CM1 coaches should know the latest developments in their sport at the international level and show innovation and originality in their own coaching. With increasing experience, they are expected to contribute to planning and development and improve the level of coaching and performance of athletes in sport as a whole. 20.1.3 A worker may, with the agreement of his employer, provide for up to five days of scheduled leave over a period of twelve months. 17.2.4 (b) A Grade 4 coach plays a role in the design and implementation of the Elite for Sport program. Within the framework of an overall budget and general parameters defined by agreement between the employer and the NSO, they implement the programmes with a high degree of independence and are responsible for the success of the programme. . .


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