Subject Verb Agreement Ks1

The child responds by writing the correct form of the verb on the wrong one. This KS2 English quiz takes a look at the subject/verb chords. Subject-verb correspondence includes singular and plural correspondences in sentences. In writing, the subject of a sentence should match the form of the verb used, z.B. “People were happy.” Children sometimes write, “The people were happy.” In this case, the subject of the sentence (the people) is plural, so we must use “were” and not “was”. No one would contradict Martin Luther King as to the importance of the subject-verb agreement in relation to service to our fellow human beings. And yet, it can be helpful to know when it`s important to speak standard English and when it`s not. “Anyone can be great. Because everyone can serve. You don`t need to have a university degree to serve. You don`t need to bring your subject and verb to serve. Martin Luther King Jr.

Depending on the child`s age/abilities, the teacher can highlight the wrong verb form to help the child see where the problem lies. This is a tricky mistake – and it`s mostly due to our great local dialect! See if you can avoid false phrases like “they were” by participating in this quiz. Or look around on the site and start on our homepage. If you would like to register immediately, visit our Join page. Click the Back button on your browser to return to the list. You have your 15 free questions for today. Want to play more? You need to register….

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