Uk Norway Free Trade Agreement

“We have agreed to put in place temporary regulations. This is good news. We are now in close talks with the United Kingdom on adaptations to the agreement that will allow us to continue to avoid tariffs on industrial products. But it is important for companies to be aware that this agreement is limited both in scope and duration,” said Trade and Industry Minister Iselin Nybø. BRITISH nationals can continue to travel to Norway after 31 December 2020 for a period of 90 days without a visa or residence permit (as visa-free nationals), but they are generally not allowed to work during their visit. If they want to work, they must apply for a residence permit to work. Do you know whether the temporary trade agreement contained provisions on free movement from January to the conclusion of the trade agreement itself? I`m from Great Britain and I`m currently staying in Norway with my friend, but I`m not registered/employed here yet, as my Norwegian is far from good enough at the moment! In the absence of this agreement, tariffs on UK imports from Iceland and Norway could have been increased by around GBP 65 million[1] under the World Trade Organisation trade agreements. We want to negotiate a far-reaching free trade agreement with the United Kingdom that allows current trade to continue as fully as possible. Billions of crowns of goods and services cross our borders every year.

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