Dd Form 2496 Telework Agreement

DD Form 2496, also known as “Telework Agreement,” is a document that authorizes Department of Defense (DoD) employees to work remotely. With the growing trend of telecommuting, telework has become an essential aspect of the way many federal agencies operate. If you are a DoD employee who intends to work from home or another remote location, you must complete DD Form 2496.

This article will provide you with an overview of the purpose, benefits, and requirements of DD Form 2496. It will also outline the different sections of the document and offer some tips for ensuring that your telework agreement is approved.

The Purpose of DD Form 2496

The primary purpose of DD Form 2496 is to establish a formal agreement between the employee and the DoD for telework arrangements. The agreement specifies the terms and conditions under which the employee can work remotely, ensuring that both parties understand their responsibilities.

Benefits of Telework

Telework offers several benefits to DoD employees and the organization as a whole. Some of these benefits include:

1. Increased Flexibility: Telework allows employees to work from home or other remote locations, providing more flexibility to balance work and personal responsibilities.

2. Improved Productivity: Studies have shown that telework can increase productivity by reducing distractions, minimizing time spent on commuting, and creating a peaceful work environment.

3. Reduced Costs: Telework can help reduce expenses by eliminating commuting costs, providing cost-effective childcare options, and reducing carbon footprints.

DD Form 2496 Requirements

To qualify for telework, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be a DoD employee who has worked for at least three months.

2. Must have a clean disciplinary record.

3. Must have completed the required training on telework policies and procedures.

Sections of DD Form 2496

DD Form 2496 consists of several sections, each with its specific requirements.

1. Section I: Employee Information – This section requires details about the employee, including name, position, and contact information.

2. Section II: Telework Arrangement – This section outlines the specific duties that the employee will perform remotely and the schedule for the telework.

3. Section III: Agreement – This section requires the employee to agree to abide by all the telework policies and procedures.

4. Section IV: Supervisor Approval – This section requires the supervisor to approve the telework arrangement, outline any special conditions or requirements, and ensure that the employee has completed all necessary training.

5. Section V: Security Requirements – This section outlines the security requirements that the employee must comply with when working remotely.

Tips for Completing DD Form 2496

To ensure that your DD Form 2496 is approved, you should follow these tips:

1. Read and understand the telework policies and procedures before completing the form.

2. Ensure that the telework schedule is realistic and feasible.

3. Obtain your supervisor`s approval before submitting the form.

4. Provide accurate and complete information in all sections of the form.


DD Form 2496 is an essential document for any DoD employee who intends to work remotely. By completing the form, you agree to comply with all the telework policies and procedures, ensuring that both you and the DoD understand the requirements and expectations. With this article`s tips and information, you can complete the form accurately, increasing the chances of your telework arrangement being approved.

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